Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Mountain Ecosystems & Resource Management

blended course
when 10 September 2023 - 19 September 2023
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 10 EC
fee USD 505

The Grassroots Institute (Canada), Valahia University of Targoviste (Romania), Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu (Romania), World Agricultural Heritage Forum (Italy), NatRisk at the University of Torino (Italy), Lviv Polytechnic National University (Ukraine), Yaroslav Mudriy National Law University (Ukraine), Carpathian National Nature Park (Ukraine), Rural Development Fund (Kyrgyzstan), and Central Himalayan Institute for Nature & Applied Research (India) are co-organizing “Summer Field School (Hybrid) on Mountain Ecosystems & Resource Management 2023” (FSc MER 2023) at Mountain Igman in Bosnia i Herzegovina for 45 in-person Delegate Participants and for a thousand of (virtual) Speaker/Learner Participants. In addition to 10 Lead Partners, there are (and will be) large number of General Partners and Collaborators.
This same global program, “Summer Field School on Mountain Ecosystems & Resource Management” (FSc MER 2021), was organized successfully in September 2021 with the partnership and collaboration of 64 universities, institutes, national parks, and organizations from 21 countries. Nearly 700 people from 70 countries took part in this 10-days event. All details are available on our website.

This international training program examines the mountain ecosystems in contexts of human development and natural resources, principles of managing natural resources, and governing the resources for sustainable conservation. Depicting on case studies from a wide range of the current natural resources across the globe, the program considers how different social, political, economic and cultural and gender aspects compete for and sustain the natural resources in mountain ecosystems. The program also examines how environmental activists and their interventions conserved parks, energy, water and land in the face of climate variability basing on a gender perspective. The program will consider how the current international and development system elaborates and processes to sustainably manage the available natural resources in mountain landscapes.

Structure of the Program

The proposed program will constitute following 10 thematic groups to be executed on 10 different days:
Day 1: 10 September 2023 > Mountain Ecosystems, Climate Change and Local Communities
Day 2: 11 September 2023 > Water, Watershed, Wetland and River Basin Management
Day 3: 12 September 2023 > Mountain Forest & Biodiversity Management, and Park-People Interface
Day 4: 13 September 2023 > Mountain Transhumance, Pastoralism and Rangeland Governance
Day 5: 14 September 2023 > Livestock-Based Livelihoods and Veterinary Support in Mountain Areas
Day 6: 15 September 2023 > Developing the Mountain Economies, Livelihoods and Micro-Enterprises
Day 7: 16 September 2023 > Agrobiodiversity, Agroecology and Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems in Mountains
Day 8: 17 September 2023 > Mountain Sustainability, Renewable Energy and SDGs
Day 9: 18 September 2023 > Sustainable Tourism and Socio-Cultural Integration in Mountains
Day 10: 19 September 2023 > Mountain Related International and National Laws & Policies

How to Participate the Summer Field School?

Our website has all possible information about the Eligibility, Procedures, Application Deadlines, Faculties & Experts, Partners & Collaborators, Methodology, Certification, Cost & Fees, Scholarship, etc.

Course leader

Dr. Hasrat Arjjumend

Target group

Eligibility for Delegate Participation: Candidates desirous to participate the FSc MER 2023 as Delegate should be between the age of 21 years and 41 years and belong to one of the following categories:
Young teacher (minimum lecturer)
PhD or Master degree student
Young research scholar or scientist
Early career practitioner or field personnel
NGO worker or activist
Education background of potential Delegate Participants should be in the subjects of Science, Social Science and allied fields.

Eligibility for Speaker Participation: Candidates desirous to participate the FSc MER 2023 as Speaker Participantshould be between the age of 21 years and 61 years and should have educational background in the subjects of Science, Social Science and allied fields.Profession of a candidate can be any.

Eligibility for Attendee Participation: There will be no restriction of education or age or experience. Anyone having an interest may join as Attendee Participant.

Course aim

The program aims at equipping researchers, students, practitioners and young teachers seeking learning about mountain ecosystems and sustainable development, with practical approaches, knowledge and skills necessary for meeting challenges of sustainable use of natural resources globally. This international training program is executed in partnership with various academic and practice-oriented organizations.

Fee info


This category of Delegate Participants is self-sponsored. The candidate will bear by his/her own not only the fees and travel expenses, but also the other expenses at training venue for 10 consecutive days. Each of the Delegates will attend the course for 10 days physically in Bosnia’s Igman Mountains and will also present one research paper or case study.

Course Fee: USD 505 (to be paid once the Admission Offer is given)
Registration Fee: No Registration Fee
USD 19: SPEAKER PARTICIPANTS (Virtual Participation)

All the participants joining virtually will come under this category. They will attend the program using Zoom platform. All of them will be allowed to take part the discussions and Q & A during the technical sessions. Anyone desiring to take part in the program actively as a Speaker Participant shall present one research paper or case study.

Registration Fee:
Early Bird Registration: USD 19 (no taxes) | Deadline 28 November 2022
Normal Registration: USD 27 (no taxes) | Deadline 28 March 2023
Late Registration: USD 37 (no taxes) | Deadline 28 July 2022



For deserving Delegate Participants, there will be several Travel Scholarships. Both the Self-Financing and Nominated Delegate Participants may apply for the Travel Scholarship. Read full at our website.