Pavia, Italy

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

when 11 December 2023 - 15 December 2023
language English
duration 1 week
credits 3 EC
fee EUR 300

The winter school will be organized with a series of lectures and workshops held by professors coming from different Universities, departments and countries. This heterogeneity allows the achievement of a wider representation and understanding of the topics, as well as comparisons and integration of different perspectives.
Activities will be held in English, in order to allow international participation.
Relevant competences around the use of AI and its application in the context of healthcare management will be provided by different speakers, especially in the following areas:
- healthcare management;
- data mining;
- ethics in AI;
- Technology Enhanced Learning.

Course leader

Valentina Beretta, Department of Economics and Management, University of Pavia

Target group

Bachelor, Master and PhD Students

Course aim

The aim of the Winter School, open to anyone interested in understanding the needs and the possible applications of AI, is to provide a preliminary knowledge about its use in healthcare, to support the training of people able to advance the deployment of AI throughout the economy. While extant programs mainly focused either on AI or on healthcare, the Winter School is intended to jointly provide knowledge in these two highly developing fields.
More and more new competencies are required for professionals and all the related stakeholders since modern healthcare and clinical data science is an interdisciplinary field, encompassing statistics, mathematical optimization, classical and deep machine learning, and data visualization. Also, ethical AI strategies should be pursued to foster literacy and legitimacy around AI, especially in the medical field. But training is difficult.
At this purpose, this Winter School would allow participants to learn the opportunities deriving from the applications of AI in healthcare and to analyze opportunities and risks associated with the use of AI in healthcare. Moreover, participants will also deepen their knowledge on the ethical implications of the use of AI and other digital technologies, encompassing the individual and social consequences, fostering decision making. Consequently, it is expected to stimulate participants’ capabilities in making judgments in real life and a new management mindset, eventually promoting skill advancement and careers.

Fee info

EUR 300: The Winter School has an enrollment fee of €300 per participant.
Students of University of Pavia and/or Illinois Institute of Technology: €150;
Students enrolled in the School "Data-Driven Healthcare Transformation (DDHT)": €250;
Students selected through EC2U and/or BIP projects: Exempted.