Lyon, France

Intercultural Negotiations

when 18 June 2024 - 11 July 2024
language English
duration 4 weeks
credits 10 EC

Negotiations are an important part of the tasks performed by most professionals. In more than on way, during our professional life we continuously engage in some sort of negotiations with others (colleagues, managers, partners, suppliers, customers, stakeholders, etc.) in order to reach our goals and objectives. This is one of the building blocks of business life. Globalization has added a layer of complexity because of the intercultural differences found between international negotiating parties.
This course is an introductory course on understanding international negotiations, focusing on the fundamentals of negotiations. We will look at the theoretical elements of negotiation and apply them in class during several roles-plays organized by the teacher.

Course leader


Target group

Bachelor's level

Course aim

The overall objective of this module is to help current and future professionals better understand:
• The different types of negotiation commonly used in a business environment
• How to carry out successful negotiations

Credits info

10 EC
Our summer school provides 10 ECTS credits. You need to attend all the courses of the selected session, and not just one course.

Fee info

EUR 0: The summer school fees depend on the package you select : with/without accommodation. It is from 1320€ without accommodation to 2400€ with accommodation for one session.


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