Nantes, France

International Trade Essentials

when 17 June 2024 - 21 June 2024
language English
duration 1 week
credits 4 EC
fee EUR 600

This course develops an understanding of the economic basis for trade. It also examines trade policies nations adopt, common markets, international resources flows, and the multinational corporation. The theoretical principles, historical developments of International Trade, and new trade theories will be studied and examined through class lectures and discussions. The economic features of open and closed economies, benefits derived from trade and its impact on production, consumption and distribution of income will also be examined.

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Course leader

Mr. Brian Hunt, Lecturer of Economics from the College of Business at Clayton State University of Morrow,
Georgia, United States:

Target group

undergraduate / graduate students

Course aim

In our study of international trade we will develop a theoretical framework to improve the understanding of problems in international trade. We will examine the possibility of gains from trade, loss of gains from trade, the nature of comparative advantage and the determination of pattern of trade, and the role of scale economies, imperfect competition, and factor movements in an international economy. The remainder of our study of international trade will be devoted to examining trade policy, in particular effects of protection
(tariffs, non-tariff barriers, administered protection), trade and sustainability, and some aspects of the political process of the formation of trade policy. Special attention will be given to US-China trade relations, trade within the European Union, and the evolving geoeconomics of trade in a post-COVID world.

Credits info

4 EC
4 ECTS / 2 US

Fee info

EUR 600: Tuition fee: 700€ for free movers. 100€ discount on tuition fee if you complete your application before March 15, 2024.
No tuition fees for students nominated by a partner university.
EUR 100: 100 euro admin fees for all students (non refundable)