Lappeenranta, Finland

Basics of System Control. From A to ∞

when 10 July 2023 - 14 July 2023
language English
duration 1 week
credits 3 EC
fee EUR 679

Interdisciplinary problem-based foundations of system modelling, analysis and control course covers both the very basic knowledge on the first days and advanced on the last days. Students learn the methods of analytical and numerical modelling. Get acquainted with the concept of stability and control as applied to systems from very different fields. One of the features is the ability to see and model uncertainties in real systems, understand and use the concept of robustness. We learn how to design robust systems through highly interactive session with MATLAB-Simulink through a number individual and group mini-projects.

Day 1: Signals, Systems, Stability
Day 2: Feedback, Control
Day 3: Uncertainties, Robustness
Day 4: Optimal and Robust System Design
Day 5: Group Project

Course leader

Leonid Chechurin, Professor, LUT University

Target group

Graduate and Postgraduate students, Undergraduate students (min. 150 ECTS completed)

Course aim

Students gain theoretical knowledge in basic robust control. After completing the course, they are able to desgin mathematical models, including possible system uncertainties, change the system design or choose a controller, that improve robustness (including H∞). Also, students are able to continue the study of robust control in relation to the scientific field of interest.

Credits info

3 EC
Interactive lectures with MATLAB-Simulink window always open. All the structure and teaching materials are in Moodle. The design of the class is what is known as blended learning. Project in groups: each group is given description of an object. Groups select a mathematical model and describe the uncertainties to be considered in this model. Groups suggest control strategies and design controllers. Then each group presents their results.

Total workload 80 hours.

Fee info

EUR 679: Tuition fee includes attending the course, 1 lunch/day and social activities.


The LUT Summer School does not offer scholarships to attending the courses. However there is a 10% 'early bird' tuition fee discount available for all students who submit their application before 1 March 2023.