Paris, France

Fashion Communication in Paris

when 17 June 2024 - 28 June 2024
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 6 EC
fee EUR 1400

Through strong personal, visual, communicative and sometimes funny stories the student takes a deep dive into the heart of “Storytelling” and explore how social and cultural transformations reshaped the way people look at fashion today.

Course content
1. Designers as Communicators
They were first: “Couturiers” then “Createurs” and now “Directeur Artistiques”, this course delves deep into the evolution of the role of designers throughout the last decades. We will look at how Karl Lagerfeld created his own myth, Tom Ford made “Porno Chic” the new fashion language and excelled at controlling the narrative but we will also look at the new generation and Virgil Abloh and how he broke free from preconceived boundaries and created intercultural communication and became a youth culture community maker.

2. From Backstage to Front of House - a 360-degree communication and PR strategy
The fashion show is the first opportunity for brands and designers to tell their audiences about who they are and reinforce the themes and stories behind their collections. This course breaks down and analyzes how they set the blueprint for the whole season and permeates throughout each department from the RTW, Shoes, Accessories, Perfumes, Window displays, In Store displays, Communication tools etc. Fittings, previews, front of house, step and repeat, backstage, frow, first looks, re-sees; we will delve deep into a PRs fashion lexicon.

3. The Best Fashion Shows – A Quick Look into the Evolution of Fashion Shows and Their Role
This course will decrypt how a fashion show is above all a societal tool and the best way for a designer to communicate their creative vision. Delving into the very first Haute Couture presentations, the roaring golden eighties, the more minimalistic approach of the Antwerp 6 and the Japanese designers and all the way up to the more recent digital experiences, we will ask ourselves how, throughout the decades, fashion shows have brought new ways to the art of communication. We will discover controversial, innovative, and pivotal shows and explain how they resonated in the fashion world.

4. A Post Covid Analysis
The upheaval of Covid19 presented an opportunity to chart a new course, obliging brands to rethink their communication tools. This course dissects the effects of the pandemic on brand identity, customer experience and digital interaction by presenting and analyzing the new formats which helped to impose more social and engaging experiences, accelerating fashion’s
digital transformation.

5. The history fashion and digital interaction – how the internet changed the face of fashion
The arrival the internet, cell phones and finally 2.0 with the rise of social media literally transformed communication practices and possibilities. Communication became a multi-disciplinary tool which enabled to remove all barriers. We will look at how Social Media became a means to help companies build their brand and how it accelerated the merchandization of fashion.

6. An Introduction to Sustainability to how to reconceptualize the notion of value
We will address a synthetic overview of what sustainability really stands for and try to clarify and raise the students’ awareness to the issues related to sustainability and fashion in order to create a broader conversation and help bring a clear vision of sustainability in a conversation full of disparate point of views.

7. Sustainability : The Good Players
Through specific case studies we will take a close look into the Pioneers, the Forerunners, the Avant-garde and the Innovators in order to understand the evolution of sustainability throughout the last decades. We will also analyze how Alessandro Michele at Gucci is exploring new boundaries and pushing customers to change the way they embrace fashion.

Course leader


Target group

Any student who is interested in fashion and communication

Course aim

Understand the cultural and historical significance of fashion
Explain the art of storytelling
Study the principles of branding
Explore the evolving communication tools
Understand the changing communication landscape
Understand the importance of sustainability in fashion
Develop analytical skills

Credits info

6 EC
- 6 ECTS for 3 US Credits or 2 weeks program
- 12 ECTS for 6 US Credits or 4 weeks program

Fee info

EUR 1400: - 1400 euros (2 weeks program / 6 ECTS)
- Optional Housing (single room) : 800 euros for 2 weeks
EUR 2200: - 2200 euros (4 weeks program / 12 ECTS)
- Optional Housing (single room) : 1600 euros for 4 weeks