Paris, France

Influence Marketing

when 3 July 2023 - 12 July 2023
language Spanish
duration 2 weeks
credits 6 EC
fee EUR 1200

Students and professionals related with Marketing & Communication, Public Relations, Marketing Online and Community Managers. Companies that want to start to use the influencer marketing and to be introduced on this new international trend.

Course content
Session 1
1. Introduction to Influencers Marketing / The Influencer / Microinfluencer
2. Characteristics of an influencer
3. How to choose the best influencers
4. Case studies of Influencer Marketing Campaigns done by BlaNZ Agency
5. Teamwork exercises and presentation:
- Teamwork and groups creation
- Brainstorm about a product or service to do the course project and apply Influencer Marketing techniques

Session 2
1. The circles of influence
2. Personal Branding
3. Number of followers vs sales number
4. Differences between ambassadors of a brand and influencers
5. Teamwork exercises and presentation:
- What stage are you as an influencer? Have you been mentioned on the media?
- Define the robot portrait of the ideal influencer for your brand: How is her/his community, what she or he use talking about, language, country, lifestyle, personal/professional skills, expertise, etc.

Session 3
1. The eternal search for beauty and entertainment
2. The niches of social networks
3. The power of haters
4. Teamwork exercises and presentation:
Use hashtags and Google to find the influencers that can fit your Brand needs. Give 5 examples.
- Use Social Blade to analyze the audience of your influencers. There is any peek in growth or is this constant?
- What kind of loyalty actions can you create to engage your brand ambassadors?
- Define your Social media channels according with your target audience. Find opportunities!

Session 4
1. Types of post
2. Photo & video for social medi
3. How much does an influencer charge?
4. Influencer Hunters and Agencies
5. Managing egos
6. Teamwork exercises and presentation:
- What kind of posts can the influencers create or your Brand to boost the social media channels?
- Budget development for the influencers marketing campaign

Session 5
1. Step by step to create a team of evangelizers
2. Metrics in the influencers campaign
3. Tools and agencies of specialized influencers
4. Teamwork exercises and presentation:
- Set up a list of goals you would like to achieve with Influencer Marketing Actions
- Main metrics you are going to use to analyze your ROI and results

Session 6
1. How to contact an influencer?
2. Legal Policies
3. Opinion of prominent influencers
4. Teamwork exercises and presentation:
- List of real Influencers that can promote your product/service
- Analysis of the Influencer Marketing actions of your competitors

Session 7
1. Definition of public relations.
2. Public relations as an essential tool in companies influence.
3. Why is PR a priority in the company?
4. Teamwork exercises and presentation:
- Explain the 3 stages of your brand influence funnel and what kind of information you can share on it:
1- ... to improve brand awareness when no one knows your company.
2- ... to discover who have brand affinity
3- ... to create interest on your products/services?

Session 8
1. Web site and RRSS: Main tools to do the diffusion of news and how to be positioned on google: SEO Strategies. (Search engines optimization)
2. Importance to introduce Keywords on the content
3. Corporate Social Responsibility: Integration in Marketing, Communication and PR campaigns. How to be a good influencer to promote people good behaviors and society changes from a corporative view?
4. Teamwork exercises and presentation:
- Bases designed for your PR campaign:
- Which are the main advantages of your product/service in comparison of your competitors
- Analyze 5 competitors and check what kind of PR Actions they are doing to promote its brand
- What can be the subject for a CSR Campaign for your company: Environmental, Social, economic?
- Explain in details your CSR campaign and goals to achieve

Session 9
1. How to build a successful relationship between the corporate press office and the media?
2. How to create newsworthy and interesting information for the press?
5. 6W of communication and inverse pyramid structure of a press release
6. Spokesperson training
7. Teamwork exercises and presentation:
- Create the main structure of your press release
- Create a press release calendar. Think about all the subjects you can write. (Make a list with 10 items)
- Seasons: There is any special date, offers or product sales increasing period?
- Write your own one-minute presentation with “Storytelling” technique to introduce yourself (Gold Minute)

Session 10
Individual tutorials with each group and doubts clarify before the presentation of the project

Course leader


Target group

This course is taught in Spanish, students should have a good level in Spanish and interested in social media.

Course aim

Know the whole ecosystem to carry out actions of influencers as companies
Select the most appropriate influencers for an influencers marketing campaig
Understand the main points of interest of the city of Paris and its background as a world image
Improve your personal image in social networks and popularity in them
Make successful and higher return influencers marketing actions (ROI)

Credits info

6 EC
- 6 ECTS for 3 US Credits or 2 weeks program
- 12 ECTS for 6 US Credits or 4 weeks program

Fee info

EUR 1200: - 1200 euros (2 weeks program / 6 ECTS)
- Optional Housing (single room) : 600 euros for 2 weeks
EUR 2000: - 2000 euros (4 weeks program / 12 ECTS)
- Optional Housing (single room) : 1200 euros for 4 weeks.


Information about scholarships will be published around 15th April