Paris, France


when 1 July 2024 - 12 July 2024
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 6 EC
fee EUR 1400

The goal is to build a complete live web tv program working collectively among a 5 persons team. Students will create 3 small movies shot in Paris they selected and introduce them in front of the camera during the live recording of the whole show gathering the different students’ crews. Eventually the program may even be broadcasted on a dedicated FB live page.

Course content
• Topics 1: Overview of webtv progam production and basics of video techniques
• Topics 2: Introduce oneself in front of the camera in a greenscreen studio setting
• Topic 3: Write and record a audiovisual pitch and approach about a given subject, with
shooting tips for multicamera recording
• Topics 4: Introduction to the post-production workflow, basic skills for editing with Da
Vinci Resolve, editing and exporting of the team’s pitch
• Topic 5: Prepare a proper and effective scouting
• Topics 6: Shooting of short outside sequences including multicamera interviews
• Topics 7: Editing and postproduction of short topics delivered for live program
• Topics 8: Collective work on continuity with show hosts
• Topics 9: Recording of a webtv live show

Course leader


Target group

Student who want to discover and/or improve various skills in producation

Course aim

Introduce themselves in front of the camera
Organize a collective work charge
Practice greenscreen tv studio environment
Preparing an outdoor shooting
Shoot and apply shooting tips in a multicam street documentary setting using basic affordable cameras (smartphones)
Understand and practice audiovisual postproduction workflow
Learn the basics of a postproduction suite: Da Vinci Resolve
Build a live show continuity

Credits info

6 EC
- 6 ECTS for 3 US Credits or 2 weeks program
- 12 ECTS for 6 US Credits or 4 weeks program

Fee info

EUR 1400: - 1400 euros (2 weeks program / 6 ECTS)
- Optional Housing (single room) : 800 euros for 2 weeks
EUR 2200: - 2200 euros (4 weeks program / 12 ECTS)
- Optional Housing (single room) : 1600 euros for 4 weeks