Porto, Portugal

On War and Peace: How Tensions and Conflicts Cross Societies

when 3 July 2023 - 7 July 2023
duration 1 week
fee EUR 120

Today we are living in a declared war in Europe. A devastating war. But have we ever lived in peace? How do 'wars' rage in various spheres of society (politics, religion, economics, class structure, new and old media, gender, ethnicity...)? What are the triggers of societal clashes? What role do conflicts play in social (re)composition? What is happening with the desocialisation that is spreading in everyday life? What social "voids" are being created? Can consensuses sometimes also have harmful consequences in the reproduction of conformism and the status quo? What mediation can be created between antagonisms? How are they solved? On what scales? What role does the academy play in the analysis of these disputes?

It is urgent to create a time and a space for critical discussion that allows for establishing solid bridges between the university and the city in addressing these issues. The school's programme includes lectures, round tables, talking circles, shared reading sessions and also workshops, guided tours and cultural moments in collaboration with local artists and organizations.

Course leader


Target group

Any person, inside or outside the academy, Portuguese or foreign, with a complete degree and interested in the topics addressed.

Course aim

This school intends to contribute to the production of knowledge and the articulation between the academia, social movements and the third sector, through critical dialogue among participants, researchers and activists.

Fee info

EUR 120: 120 euros - workers
EUR 80: 80 euros - students
0 euros - unemployed