Toulouse, France

Coding for Business

when 12 June 2023 - 30 June 2023
language English
duration 3 weeks
credits 6 EC
fee EUR 3600

• Obtain a technical overview and general understanding of code development and the tech ecosystem to be able to effectively communicate & work with tech professionals.
• Acquire skills to be able to understand the basics of python programming and be able to build a simple python program.
• Introduction to the different applications of coding: web, databases, mobile.
• Introduction to project management aspects of coding: Waterfall, Agile methodologies.

Course aim

The course is designed to be interactive, and students will be expected to:
• Understand computer science from high level perspective.
• Get the essential basis (functions, variables, conditions, loops, collections) of python coding.
• Get familiar with tools to develop code, get the good practices and mindset.
• Write simple programs, being able to read code written by someone else.
• Develop more elaborate programs.
• Understand some concrete usage of coding.
• Get an overview of some different programming languages.
• Describe the main methodologies in use in real projects.

Fee info

EUR 3600: tuition
Welcome ceremony
TBS swag bag
Guided City Tour (BCN / TLS)
Company visits
Day trip to Sitges (BCN) / Carcassonne UNESCO Site (TLS)
Boat trip (BCN) / Kayak in Tarn (TLS)
Cultural visits
Closing ceremony