Antwerp, Belgium

The Margins of Global Hispanophone Literature

when 3 July 2023 - 7 July 2023
language Spanish
duration 1 week
credits 6 EC
fee EUR 150

Discover the variety of global voices writing in Spanish, beyond Spain and Latin America. This course offers a comprehensive look at the transnational and transcontinental realities of literature in Spanish, with an emphasis on writing from the margins.

The course explores literary production in Spanish from the margins of the Global Hispanophone, that is, the Philippines, various Sephardic communities, the Maghreb, Black Africa, and the United States, as well as diasporic or exiled writers who have problematic roots in the places from which they write. 

In order to better understand the themes, literary traditions and discourses that appear in these works of literature, and the contexts in which they arise, the course will also examine literary works from Spain and from Latin America, with which there is often dialogue, and to which the Global Hispanophone literary expressions sometimes respond. The approach will therefore be trans-territorial and trans-continental, encompassing Africa, Asia, and other parts of the world.

The course thus provides a useful, global, and up-to-date overview of Global Hispanophone literatures as a supplement to the more traditionally taught literature in Spanish, which is often reduced to the binomial Spain/Latin America, without encompassing the wider transnational networks in which it is inserted.

Target group

Master & PhD students. Researchers in the field of Hispanic literature. Participants should have a basic familiarity of literature in Spanish and a working knowledge of Spanish.

Credits info

6 EC
6 ECTS will be awarded upon successful completion of the programme.

Fee info

EUR 150: The fee includes course materials, coffee breaks, social activities, a welcome lunch and reception. It does not include, travel, accommodation and other meals.