Berlin, Germany

Music of the Body

when 7 August 2023 - 9 August 2023
language English
duration 1 week
fee EUR 180

In this workshop, across three afternoons you will explore the connections between body, movement and music, leading to instant group compositions and improvised musical worlds. Through games and experiments in sound, rhythm and movement, you will connect with the musical knowledge of your body and with the ancient human experience of making music in a group setting.
No previous experience is required to join this workshop - all are welcome! There will be rhythm games, body percussion, vocal experiments, movement explorations, improvised Circle Songs and pre-existing ensemble songs. You will be challenged to improve the coordination between the different parts of your own body, and the coordination between yourself and others within the ‘body of the group’. You will create much of your own music with the other participants, informed and inspired by outside provocations and from and to each other in the space - and through experiential learning, become better at listening actively in the moment to what yourself and others are doing, in order to find a balance between their contributions and your own, in support of the music itself.

Course leader

Patrick Soul

Fee info

EUR 180: Three afternoons 14:00 - 17:15


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