Berlin, Germany

Poshak: Understanding Diversity Through "Bollywood" Costumes

when 26 June 2023 - 5 July 2023
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 1 EC
fee EUR 660

The word diversity is almost a synonym to India. It has existed in every aspect of the Indian aesthetics. During this 7-day-workshop we will have a deep look into the film production of india and focus on the very special role of costumes. Starting from the 1920s, the film costumes have been as diverse as the themes and stories. As a culture, India has been a confluence of different influences and collaborations. To understand the concept of diversity, we need to look into a bit of the history of film costumes in popular Hindi films.

Indian film industry is the world’s largest by number of films produced, along with the south Indian and the other regional film industries. This industry still remained unexplored and lesser know in this part of the world. This is an attempt to disseminate the language of aesthetics the popular Hindi films has evolved, and the narratives around the influences that has shaped it. The diverse industry that it is and the diverse culture that it has created around it, is of immense importance. The journey aims towards a critical analysis of ‘diversity’, that has become a synonym to Indian aesthetics. As a melting pot India has been assimilating and influenced by different cultures. The popular films are silent bearers of the evidences of these collaborations, that has created different trends, icons and contributed to the material culture.

A brief history of the cinema in India, focusing on the Hindi films. This gradually will branch out to a discussion on the film costume. The importance of film costume in this context will help identifying the apparent influences and the narratives behind them. The narratives of the socio-political context of these trends and influences. Through the film screenings we experience and identify the milestones of these cultural influences.

Course leader

Pradipta Ray

Target group

Artists, Art Historians

Course aim

During the 7-day-workshop we would have an intense study of one of the most celebrated costume designers of the Hindi films, Bhanu Athaiya. The only Indian to receive an Oscar for costume design for Gandhi 1982. Her career spans more than 6 decades, her work embodies the changing trends and styles.

We intend to collaborate with the costume department for guidance of techniques and fabrication. The research in understanding Indian popular aesthetics and the traditional framework will lead to creating concepts for the final artwork/ installation/ film. The outcomes could be capturing the essence of diversity, embodying the cultural and political narratives. Taking this story of convergence of ideas, trends, influences to the next level and create and experience for the audiences.

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EUR 660: course fee

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