Ljubljana, Slovenia

Semantic Properties and Combinatorial Restrictions of Attitude Predicates

when 31 July 2023 - 11 August 2023
language English
duration 2 weeks
fee EUR 490

This course is about two types of properties of attitude predicates: combinatorial properties, i.e., the types of clauses they can be combined with, and semantic properties, e.g., veridicality, neg-raising, preferentiality, focus-sensitivity and event-structural properties. In particular, it concentrates on the extent to which the combinatorial properties can be explained by the semantic properties, a topic under active research with many established results and open empirical, theoretical, and methodological issues.
We present empirical generalizations and theoretical analyses in the literature, review recent debates about their validity, and discuss several refinements and extensions. In this process, we illustrate how experimental, corpus, as well as crosslinguistic data, when combined with insights from formal theoretical analyses, can deepen our understanding of the internal meaning components of attitude verbs and how these components give rise to certain syntactic patterns. The resulting analyses pave the way for uncovering novel syntactic-semantic universals for attitude verbs.

Course leader

Deniz Özyıldız and Ciyang Qing

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Fee info

EUR 490: Early student registration
EUR 690: Early non-academic registration


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