Ameland, Netherlands

Search for New Physics with Low-energy Precision Tests

when 2 July 2023 - 7 July 2023
language English
duration 1 week
credits 2 EC
fee EUR 900

With this summer school we aim to provide young scientists (Masters, PhDs, and Postdocs) with a comprehensive introduction to different aspects of the search for physics beyond the Standard Model. A special focus of the school is to bring together people working on experiments and theory. Topics will include the status of the Standard Model and its extensions, parity violation, experiments to search for the electron electric dipole moment and for variation of the fundamental constants, methods to manipulate and control atoms, ions and molecules, and theoretical approaches. By bringing together enthusiastic scientists and students from different disciplines connected to the search for physics beyond the Standard Model we hope to foster the development of this field and to encourage new collaborations. And of course, we also hope to have fun in the process!

Course leader

Anastasia Borschevsky and Steven Hoekstra

Target group

PhD students and postdocs that work on experiments and/or theory related to low-energy precision tests that explore the limits of the Standard Model of particle physics. Master students considering doing a PhD in this topic are also welcome.

It is expected that the participants have a sufficient command of the English language to actively participate in the discussions and to present their own work in English.

Course aim

After this course you will be able to:

Identify connections between atomic, molecular and particle physics
Describe a number of key low-energy precision experiments that probe new physics
Make new connections in your research field

Credits info

2 EC
Preparation: 16 hours
Lectures: 16 hours
Presentation: 4 hours
Study and discussion: 20 hours

Upon successful completion of the programme, the Summer School offers a Certificate of Attendance that mentions the workload of 56 hours (28 hours corresponds to 1 ECTS). Students can apply for recognition of these credits to the relevant authorities in their home institutions, therefore the final decision on awarding credits is at the discretion of their home institutions. We will be happy to provide any necessary information that might be requested in addition to the certificate of attendance.

Fee info

EUR 900: includes the hotel, the lunches, coffee and dinners and an excursion. The travel to and from the location of the Summer School has to be paid by the participants themselves.

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