Castelletto Uzzone (CN), Italy

Summer in a Box

when 4 August 2023 - 13 August 2023
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 3 EC
fee EUR 470

The project aims to explore the possibilities of analog photography through 'cameras' created from boxes or other containers (also waste material).
The objective is to relate the object used as a 'camera' with the surrounding environment through the artist’s gesture. In questo modo, la fotografia non è solo una stampa da mostrare, ma è bensì concepita come un processo, a partire dalla scelta dell’oggetto contenitore, fino alla creazione materiale delle immagini.
The images will then be created through the so-called 'pinhole photography', which is based on the principle of 'camera obscura', archetype of modern photographic equipment.
In these boxes, which were used since the Renaissance to draw live, the image from the outside is projected inside through a tiny hole, called pinhole, on a photosensitive support (usually photographic paper or film) in black and white. Depending on the shape of the container and the types of holes, it will be possible to obtain interesting effects of distortions, elongations, etc., that participants can explore and use in the creation of a sequence of images.
The main goal is to create a small corpus of images, in which the object chosen as
camera and the surrounding landscape (as well as people) are put in dialogue through the creativity of the photographer.
In this way, we hope to create a more intimate and less conventional way of narrating the territory.

Course leader

Lorenza (Lori) Demata is a photographer, educator, researcher and visual artist, based in Turin and London. Her practice is mainly constituted by documentary and conceptual photography and it is research based and informed.

Target group

The workshop is open to anyone interested in the subject, regardless of age, provided they are at least 18 years old. The official languages of the activities will be Italian and English.

Course aim

Workshop of pinhole cameras construction and realization of a project with pinhole images for the preparation of an exhibition in the church of San Luigi re di Francia, Castelletto Uzzone (CN) - ITALY.

Credits info

3 EC
Participants will receive a certificate of attendance at activities for a number equal to 75 hours of work., which can be used to apply for ETS.

Fee info

EUR 470: The participation fee to the workshop is €470 including VAT (including insurance costs). Lessons, accommodation and board are included in the price, as well as excursions and visits. There is no refund for travel expenses to reach the workshop location.
EUR 400: *EARLY BIRD for registrations before May 15th: 400€ VAT included instead of 470€.