Coimbra, Portugal

Computational Biology - From Molecules to Tissues

when 4 September 2023 - 14 September 2023
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 7.5 EC
fee EUR 100

An intensive introductory course in Computational Biology. It will have four main components:
* Introductory lectures on mathematics and physics for biologists, or biology for exact sciences students (parallel tracks);
* courses on specialized Computational Biology topics ranging from the molecular level to integrated physiological systems;
* seminars on recent developments by leading scientists;
* short research projects where the students will have opportunity to apply the acquired skills to realistic research problems.

Topics covered:
* Core knowledge for modeling biological systems
* Molecular dynamics for lipid membranes and proteins
* Protein-ligand interactions and drug discovery
* Data Science in Biology
* Transcriptomics to characterize cellular mechanisms
* Kinetic modeling of metabolic and signaling processes
* Modeling of physiological systems

Course leader

Armindo Salvador, Rui Travasso, Joel Arrais, Conceição Egas

Target group

Students from the M. Sc. to post-doctoral levels with either biological or exact sciences backgrounds who wish to acquire skills in Computational Biology

Course aim

To introduce students to the field of Computational Biology, and develop hands-on expertise in applying computational tools to research problems.

Fee info

EUR 100: Registration fee for students admitted to the school after initial selection. This fee includes lunch but not accommodation. The organization is able to provide affordable accommodation (90-100€ for duration of the course) to the participants who so wish, subject to availability. Further information will be provided upon registration.