Gent, Belgium

Modern Problems in PDEs and Applications

when 23 August 2023 - 2 September 2023
language English
duration 2 weeks
fee EUR 100

The school will be devoted to the study of new techniques and approaches for solving partial differential equations, which can either be considered or arise from the physical point of view or the mathematical perspective. Both sides are extremely important since theories and methods can be developed independently, aiming to gather each other in a common objective. The summer school aims to progress and advance in the problems considered. Note that real-world problems and their applications are classical study trends in physical or mathematical modelling.

With this event, Ghent university will be a host to a diversity of cultures. The summer school will be organised in a friendly atmosphere and synergy, and it will be an excellent opportunity to promote and encourage the development of the subject in the community. Furthermore, close contact with worldwide experts will stimulate participants’ skills in independent research and collaborations with other researchers. Frequently, schools also lead to some excellent possibilities for collaborations with experts in Europe and other continents, which work on related topics. Moreover, it shall enhance further collaborations established during this program. Through these collaborations, the expertise held by the European mathematical community can grow and expand to international interest in the topic. It will bring considerable benefit in the future development of the academic career for the participants while enriching competitiveness.

Course leader

Prof. Dr. Michael Ruzhansky

Target group

The school is directed at PhD candidates of Doctoral Schools of Science and Doctoral Schools of Engineering, but also to any PhD students or postdoctoral researchers in Mathematics, Science or Engineering, from other Universities in Belgium, Europe and from other worldwide universities.

Course aim

The principal target of this school is to provide a valuable and substantial update on the new tools and approaches for solving or modelling differential equations in different contexts. Participants will complement their knowledge towards maximising future efforts in personal development with respect to their investigations, projects, research and thesis. The school will carry out in a parallel way in two directions. On the one hand, we set up a suitable atmosphere for participants to meet worldwide experts whose abilities, skills and competencies are assembled in the theory, applications or both. On the other hand, as usual, this will be the first step to start a close collaboration between the specialists and
participants who will be involved in the school. The target of the summer school is to exploit the knowledge of each lecturer in the most multidisciplinary form.

Fee info

EUR 100: For attending the school, the charge is 10 euro per day to cover organisational expenses.


If you need administrative support (visa, accommodation, etc.) for your attendance, please let us know in advance.