Olomouc, Czech Republic

Thinking and Teaching in a Changing World

when 14 July 2023 - 13 August 2023
language English
duration 5 weeks
fee EUR 1200

As a part of the Palacky University in Olomouc Summer School 2023 program, The Institute of Foreign Languages at the Faculty of Education is offering a multidimensional selection of courses covering a variety of topics under the umbrella title “Thinking and Teaching in a Changing World.”

Under the supervision of a multinational team of teachers, the participants will be able to attend classes dealing with the following topics, divided into three thematic domains:

The Significance of Literature in Our Lives
- Intercultural communication via stories – an illustration of differences among cultures in an accessible way
- Exploration of the opportunities to use literature for developing our understanding of ourselves in an encounter with English and Czech young adult classics
- Jewish literature in post-war Czechoslovakia and its global significance
- From J.R.R. Tolkien to J.K. Rowling: Fantasy as a way of coping with our world – tracing the most interesting topics in the famous fantasy works that reflect our real life concerns and desires

European and Czech Culture
- Teaching English through games and interactive classroom activities focusing on the cultural knowledge of Europe
- Exploring the traditions and customs of the Olomouc (Haná) region of Czechia in a playful way
- Scavenger hunt: Discovering Olomouc and the Czechia in their historical and artistic context
- Overview of the contemporary UK and US music as well as the genesis of styles of music in the past years

Self-Expression and Communication
- Understanding reasons why people around the world are essentially the same, regardless of what language they speak
- Communicating culture and history through comics
- Developing presentation skills
- Expressing oneself through movement involved in our day-to-day activities, finding our space amongst others

Reflections on the Future
- Uses and challenges of AI-generated content
- Talking about climate justice, the legacy of colonialism and other global problems

Students will have the opportunity to think about regional solutions for global problems through different approaches to teaching language and culture. The program aims at contributing to an increased understanding of the role of the teacher in a world facing the challenges of increasing multiculturality and interconnectedness, as well as the civilization-ending threats of nuclear war and climate change.

Keeping in mind the intercultural dimension provided by the summer school’s internationally diverse student population, the participants in our seminars will have ample opportunity for intercultural and social interaction. We hope that our program contributes to strengthening mutual tolerance and respect among participants.

Course leader

Mgr. Ivan Čipkár, Ph.D.
Contact person: Jiří Mánek (jiri.manek@upol.cz)

Credits info

The exact number of credits will be announced soon.

Fee info

EUR 1200: The price for the summer school includes:

• Administrative fee
• Academic programme
• Accommodation at our student dormitories (a double room); it is also possible to choose a single room for an extra fee of €70
• Local accommodation fee
• Side events including day-long trips, field trips, a Welcome Party, and more
• Entrance tickets to sights in the itinerary