Rostock, Germany

Vulnerable Coastal Ecosystems

when 4 September 2023 - 10 September 2023
language English
duration 1 week

Global climate change comes with an increase in the frequency of extreme events such as storm surges and droughts. An extreme event can generate threshold values in, for instance, sea level or soil water deficit with severe consequences for coastal ecosystems. If a tipping point is reached, a shift in bio-geochemical processes could occur and last for decades. A possible consequence of this is the breakdown of ecosystem functions.
The Research Summer Camp brings together young PhD and advanced Master students who are planning a PhD study as well as Postdocs from all around the globe. Plenary sessions, keynote speeches and parallel work groups are held in a casual atmosphere designed to foster discussions on the topic of “Shifts in bio-geochemical processes following extreme events” (chair: Prof. Bernd Lennartz)
Participants in the Research Summer Camp are expected to contribute their experiences gained from case studies, data analysis, write-ups, and so on. We aim to generate tangible output, including a review paper that will be published in an international journal.

Course leader

Prof. Bernd Lennartz and Dr. Haojie Liu of the University of Rostock

Target group

PhD students, advanced Master students, Postdocs

Course aim

Depending on the outcome of the discussions and work groups, the idea is to draft a joint paper, to identify knowledge gaps, to work on a common available database and maybe to develop a prospective research project. The Research Camp takes an interdisciplinary approach and is aimed at anyone with an interest in coastal sciences in the broadest sense.

Fee info

EUR 0: Participants must pay for their own travel expenses (arrival and departure) and meals. Accommodation (including breakfast) will be provided by the University of Rostock. The cost of the excursion is also paid by the University of Rostock. Entrance fees and costs incurred by the framework programme must be covered by the participants.


In individual cases and for students from certain universities, certain costs may be covered. Please contact us for further information.