Nantes, France

Automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Multinational Business

when 15 January 2024 - 19 January 2024
language English
duration 1 week
credits 4 EC
fee EUR 500

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transpiring as a soul of lifeless machines, putting them to work while making them aware of their own surroundings. In the era of automation and AI, organizations are compelled to reassess their business models and swiftly adapt. This transformation affects not only companies but also governments and individuals. However, the hype surrounding AI as a magical solution and the associated uncertainty pose constraints on its application and growth prospects across various industries. This course aims to redirect the focus towards AI, exploring its profound business implications and successful implementation in various sectors. Specifically, we will examine multinational organizations in the retail, banking, financial services, telecom, and automobile industries. AI opens up opportunities for novel business structures, processes, and competitive strategies. Through case discussions, we will delve into how multinational corporations navigate and respond to the industrial transformation driven by big data, AI, modern automation, robotics, and platform revolution.

Course leader

Hakeem M Mohsin, visiting professor from the NUCB Business school (Japan)

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Target group

Upper undergraduate students and graduate students

Course aim

• Comprehend the ramifications of automation technology driven by "Artificial Intelligence" (AI).
• Investigate the concept of the "workforce of the future" and address concerns regarding education, training, and support.
• Understand how digital companies create value and expand the scope by leveraging data and analytics.
• Develop an awareness of disruptive technologies that are reshaping market dynamics.
• Acquire knowledge about the strategic approaches employed by organizations to navigate advanced technologies in their core business domains.

Credits info

4 EC
4 ECTS credits

Fee info

EUR 500: 500 euros tuition fee for free movers / no tuition fee for students nominated by partner universities
EUR 100: 100 euros administrative fee