Enschede, Netherlands

Creating Change: Integrating Narrative Research And Storytelling Practice

when 16 January 2024 - 18 January 2024
language English
duration 1 week
fee EUR 350

Storytelling pervades all spheres of life: people write their own autobiography, social media enable to share your story, art works tell a story, organizations search for their corporate story, marketeers tell stories to persuade customers in buying products, politicians use narratives to attract voters. In a high-tech society, stories seem to become even more important: technologies to record and share stories are developing quickly, whereas storytelling is also used in designing new technologies. At the same time, narrative scholars from a variety of disciplines have developed intricate theories about stories and methods to analyze them. But how can we bring practice and research together? How can we start a dialogue that mutually fertilizes practice and research? What are the conditions, ways of working and ethical issues involved in a fruitful dialogue? What is the societal and academic impact of such a dialogue?

This interdisciplinary winter school invites researchers and practitioners from the humanities, behavioral, social, and technological sciences to take stock and reflect on their work, but also to work hands-on in a design science approach. Participants prepare themselves by studying reader texts and doing homework assignments. During the winter school, they work in small groups and present their insights and findings to each other.

Course leader

Anneke Sools & Gerben Westerho (Story Lab)

Target group

The winter school is designed for a maximum of 25 PhDs and early career researchers interested in the study of narrative, as well as professionals interested in storytelling. It is expected that the participants have a sufficient command of the English language in order for them to participate actively in the discussions and to present their own work in English. Participants get a certificate of participation. PhD students get 2ECTS for preparing and participating in the Winter School for their TGS Training and Supervision Plan.

Course aim

At the end of the winter school, the participant is able to

Critically reflect on different approaches in narrative research;
Critically reflect on the dialogue between narrative research and storytelling practice;
Use design research as a way of bridging research and practice.

Fee info

EUR 350: Fee including lunches, coffee/tea breaks and reader, excluding dinner and stay.
EUR 250: PhD students from the partners Universities including the University of Groningen and Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

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