Pisa, Italy

Accelerated Geophysics Solutions via Devito

when 8 July 2024 - 11 July 2024
language English
duration 1 week
credits 3 EC
fee EUR 500

Devito is a domain specific language (DSL) and compiler for solving PDE boundary value problems via the finite difference method. The high level SymPy style API allows users to form models and their discretized solutions in a similar manner to how they would on ‘pen and paper’. Devito then processes this high level specification to generate highly optimized c-code for the target architecture. With a command of the DSL, users are able to efficiently solve a range PDE boundary value problems, particularly those pertinent to Geophysical imaging problems, a target application of the framework.

The Summer School will showcase the high-productivity and high performance aspects of Devito in the realm of seismic imaging. For new users, a walk-through the process of building and solving a range of models will be provided. The basic API and the various options available will be exemplified in the context of solving the wave equation. Users with more experience will have the opportunity to branch out and explore more intricate models through a series of guided exercises according to their interests, be that exploring features such as sub-domains to implement more advanced boundary conditions, or utilizing distributed memory parallelism to solve larger problems. Once newer users are comfortable with the foundations of the DSL, they will then join in exploring these additional features.

Course leader

Prof. Andrea Tognarelli

Target group

Graduate Students, Early-Stage Researchers, Professionals.

Undergraduate students are welcome.

Course aim

The Summer School is intended to bring Geophysicists with little or no prior experience with Devito to a level where they feel comfortable solving relevant problems using it.

Upon completion of the Summer School users will

- Be able to express PDE boundary value problems and their solutions in the DSL
- Understand how high-level API options affect the underlying c-code produced
- Be experienced with running relevant models, such as wave-equation based simulations, and handling their output
- Have delved into some more advanced features of Devito (e.g. Vector and Tensor functions, Subdomains, MPI support, compiler optimisations, etc.) depending on their interests

Fee info

EUR 500: tuition fees


Available. Write to the coordinator for further details

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