Ams, Netherlands

Space Law: Exploring Legal Frontiers

when 21 July 2024 - 8 August 2024
language English
duration 3 weeks
credits 6 EC
fee EUR 1750

In this three week course, we will critically evaluate the efficacy and applicability of current space laws in the face of evolving space technologies and missions. By integrating principles from politics and international relations, we will enrich the understanding of space law in the broader context of global diplomacy and geopolitical strategies. By the end of this programme, students will be equipped with hands-on legal skills, including advocacy, negotiation, and opinion writing, ensuring they are prepared not only to understand but also to actively engage in the field of space law.

Course leader

Dr. Julia Muraszkiewicz

Target group

Level: Bachelors students (who have completed their first year)

Background: Students should have a strong interest in (Space) Law, Politics and International Relations. Master’s students and working professionals are welcome to apply on a case-by-case basis.

Course aim

In this summer programme we delve deep into existing treaties and regulations that govern outer space activities. The central theme revolves around the preparedness of current legal frameworks to address imminent challenges posed by rapid advancements in space exploration and commercialisation. This includes, but is not limited to, topics such as the utilisation of celestial resources, space traffic management, and the environmental and ethical concerns related to space activities.

While the primary discipline is law, the program integrates critical insights from politics and international relations. This interdisciplinary approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of the complexities and nuances of space-related legal challenges in the international arena.

Drawing inspiration from the Socratic method, sessions in this programme will be structured around open-ended questions, fostering critical thinking and allowing students to explore the nuances of space law deeply. Students will be encouraged to take an active role in their learning. This involves raising questions, challenging prevailing notions, and contributing their perspectives to enrich discussions.

We will organise regular debates in class to discuss contentious topics in space law and simulated court proceedings or ‘moots’ will be an essential part of the curriculum. This method will hone students' advocacy and legal research skills, allowing them to understand multiple facets of issues and articulate their stances effectively.

Credits info

6 EC
This is the approximate housing fee for the duration of the programme. Arranging housing through our office is optional.

Fee info

EUR 1750: All course readings and materials
Online payment costs
Lunch on class days
Excursions and excursion lunches
Welcome and farewell events
Access to the digital learning environment and UvA (digital) library
A UvA Student Card
Access to all university buildings and facilities
An official transcript or certificate of participation
A public transit card with small starter amount (you will receive this at the Academic Opening on the Sunday at the start of the programme)