Zagreb, Croatia

Business Communication and Storytelling

when 1 July 2024 - 14 July 2024
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 5 EC
fee EUR 1100

This module elucidates the mechanics of narrative structure to help businesses communicate more effectively, be it with customers, suppliers, investors, job applicants, employees or other stakeholders. The module consists of 27 contact hours. These will include lectures interspersed with class discussion and relatively short exercises. The professors will provide guidance on myriad information-delivery challenges of particular value for the business world. These include tailoring a story to a company’s specific needs; capturing and holding an audience’s attention; better establishing a company’s credibility; and increasing the amount of information that is retained long after the information has been communicated.
The class lessons are richly illustrated with examples of effective and ineffective communications and storytelling structure from the world of business communications, film and the news media.
Students will receive a grade.The grade will be based on:
Attendance and participation in classroom discussions;
Participation in a series of short classroom exercises;
Final assignment.

Course leader

Dr. Zdravka Biočina

Target group

Bachelor students

Course aim

The success or failure of a business can hinge on how well it communicates, and not just with its customers, but also with its own employees, investors, suppliers and other stakeholders, not to mention with the broader public. And yet many firms flub their messaging or at least fail to set themselves apart. Students who complete this module will be aware of just how much is at stake when it comes to business messaging. They will also possess a broad array of tools and techniques for crafting powerful messages designed to overcome diverse challenges.
1.Be able to use business advantages of communicating via story rather than “flat” information delivery.
2.Apply a process for crafting a story to meet diverse types of business challenges.
3.Create effective communication in a number of different types of situations.
4.Establish credibility and therefore authority for business communications.
5.Understand how to use symbolism and the physical world to strengthen a story’s message.

Credits info

5 EC
Students will get 5 ECTS from this course

Fee info

EUR 1100: Students who apply in the Early Bird time will get the Early Bird price for 1100 euros for 1 term
EUR 1600: Students who apply in the Early Bird time will get the Early Bird price for 1600 euros for 2 terms and 2100 euros for 3 terms


Students who apply in the Early Bird time will get the Early Bird price