Copenhagen, Denmark

Financial Accounting

when 24 June 2024 - 12 July 2024
language English
duration 3 weeks
credits 7.5 EC
fee DKK 6000

The course includes the following sessions which aim at laying the foundation for a solid understanding of financial accounting and reporting practices:

Purpose/function of accounting, different financial statements, basic assumptions in accounting

Double-entry bookkeeping technique

Accrual accounting

Ethics and internal control, cash and accounts receivables


PPE and intangible assets

Current and long-term liabilities

Equity and equity investments

Cash flow statement

Financial statement analysis

Throughout the different sessions, students acquire general business knowledge by analyzing IFRS and US GAAP based financial statements of internationally operating companies with different backgrounds (service and product companies from different countries) with the aim of assessing the firm’s financial position and performance in light of the broader economic context.

The tasks of analysing financial data and assessing whether certain accounting regulations and practices meet the (intended) purpose of financial accounting aim at stimulating students’ curiosity about ambiguities in accounting and at helping students to develop a high degree of analytical and critical thinking.

Course leader

Kirstin Becker - Department of Accounting

Target group

This is a bachelor level course. CBS Summer University courses at Copenhagen Business School is open to all and welcomes domestic and international students as well as professionals.

Course aim

Explain the purpose of financial accounting and reporting and critically assess whether current accounting regulations and practices meet such purposes

Explain the difference between cash and accrual accounting

Apply the double-entry-bookkeeping method to prepare financial statements based on accounting transactions

Find, analyze and interpret specific information in financial statements of firms using either IFRS or U.S. GAAP

Define ethical dilemmas in accounting and their consequences and identify situations in which unethical behavior is (more/less) likely to occur

Credits info

7.5 EC
This is an intensive 3-week course. 3-week courses cannot be combined with any other courses.
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Fee info

DKK 6000: Tuition fee for Open University students (EU/EEA/Swiss citizenship)
DKK 12000: Tuition fee for non-European students.