NEVERS, France

Art, Tech and Critical Making

when 1 July 2024 - 14 July 2024
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 15 EC
fee EUR 1450

NØ SCHOOL NEVERS is a unique international summer school, held in Nevers, in Burgundy, aimed at students, artists, designers, makers, hackers, activists and educators who wish to further their skills and engage in critical research around the social and environmental impacts of information and communication technologies.

July 01 > 14 2024

During 2 weeks NØ SCHOOL NEVERS offers to its participants, the opportunity to follow a unique and intensive curriculum, mixing theory and practice, research and making, led by an international panel of artists, designers, critical makers and theorists.

Course leader

Claire Williams FR/BE, Samiir Saunders UK, !MEDIENGRUPPE BITNIK DE/CH, Jonah Ross-Marrs US/FR, Geert Lovink NL, Olivia Jack US, Dasha Ilina RU/FR, Roos Groothuizen NL, Sarah Groff Hennigh-Palermo US/DE, Benjamin Gaulon FR, DISNOVATION.ORG FR, Teresa D.

Target group

Are you a graduate student working in the field of art and technology and wanting to iterate some ideas for your thesis project? Are you a doctoral student in science and technology studies and interested in learning technical skills related to your research? The program includes intensive technical workshops, critical making studios, evening conferences and concludes with an exhibition and closing events.

Course aim

Participants will be able to engage in workshops and conferences, led by artists, academics, critical makers, hackers, designers from all over the world. Topics covered will include:

Magnetism, electromagnetic waves, art and science, sound art, electronic art, live coding, performance art, intimacy and the internet, surveillance, hacking, dumb city, circuit bending, media theory, tactical media, internet criticism, publishing experiments, critical meme research, precarity, open-source software, cartography, experimental interfaces, Peer2Peer, algorithmic representations, low-tech, DIY, care, privacy in the digital age, games, distribution of information, telemagic, spiritual surfers, tangible technology, hybrid nostalgia machines, computer languages, abstract digital installations, planned obsolescence, consumerism and disposable society, data ownership, détournement, recycling, post-growth, challenging techno-solutionist ideologies, repair, open source, urban wildlife, infrastructural literacy, urban commons, urban governance, city living, civic wellbeing, glitch and more…

Fee info

EUR 1450: The fee covers the courses and all meals, breakfast to dinner.
EUR 450: Housing fee, for an indication housing few minutes away from NØ SCHOOL!


We offer installment payments over 6 months if you register in December, 5 months in January, etc... the actual cost of the program is 3000€ (1450€ is the reduce raté)