Copenhagen, Denmark

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

when 24 June 2024 - 5 July 2024
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 2.5 EC
fee DKK 5750

This course is highly relevant due to the transformative impact of AI on the business world. Many C-suite executives recognize the importance of scaling AI in their organizations to achieve growth objectives. However, they often struggle with implementation, as many business reports indicate. Furthermore, marketing is identified as the functional area where AI can provide the most value, according to a recent McKinsey analysis of real-world use cases. Therefore, understanding how and where AI can be applied in marketing is essential for businesses to remain competitive and deliver substantial benefits to both companies and consumers. This course is designed to provide such understanding and help students to apply AI effectively in marketing contexts.

What topics will be discussed in this course?

The course demonstrates the impact AI has on today's marketing to create value for both organizations and consumers. For example, the followiong topics will be covered:

-Understanding the basics of AI
-Overview of AI applications in marketing
-Applying AI in the contexts of:
-Marketing research (e.g., collecting and processing data)
-Customer segmentation
-Innovation and product management (e.g., improving fit of product offering and consumer preferences)
-Pricing (e.g., automated pricing decisions)
-Communication management (e.g., automated social media campaigns)
-Customer relationships and service marketing (e.g., chatbots for customer support)
-Ethical considerations of AI-driven marketing (e.g., biases, privacy concerns)

Course leader

Johannes Hattula - Department of Marketing

Target group

This is a graduate level course. CBS Summer University courses at Copenhagen Business School is open to all and welcomes domestic and international students as well as professionals.

Course aim

Gain a comprehensive understanding of artificial intelligence, its role in revolutionizing marketing activities, and its significance for business growth and competitiveness

Understand how to apply artificial intelligence to real-world marketing scenarios

Develop an understanding how artificial intelligence creates value for both organizations and consumers

Develop awareness of ethical considerations related to AI-driven marketing

Credits info

2.5 EC
This is an intensive 2-week course. 2-week courses cannot be combined with any other courses.

Fee info

DKK 5750: Tuition fee - Non European students
DKK 2875: Tuition fee - Open University students