Barcelona (Bellaterra), Spain

Queering Demography: A Critical Overview of Demographic Studies and Methods

blended course
when 25 June 2024 - 28 June 2024
language English
duration 1 week
fee EUR 300

This course aims to explore demographic techniques and their impact from a queer perspective. Throughout the course, we will introduce concepts and definitions related to queer studies, delving into the lived experiences of the LGBTQ+ population and how these experiences can enrich researchers in their studies. We will critically examine the challenges posed by the sex binary and heteronormative assumptions prevalent in traditional demographic theories and methods. Additionally, we will explore widely used measurements in representative surveys and censuses that go beyond these limitations. Towards the end of the course, a workshop will be conducted to provide participants with hands-on experience in applying these critiques to their own research and projects.

Course leader

Fernanda Fortes de Lena & Sabina Bercovich Szulmajster. They are Latin American demographers with research focused on sexual and gender minorities at the Centre d’Estudis Demogràfics (CED). See more on our website.

Target group

The course will be useful to starting researchers (PhD and Master Students), as well as advanced researchers looking for tools and an adequate framework to develop a comprehensive understanding of this topic, very much in need in our evolving societies.

Course aim

Students will gain a critical mindset of traditional demographic methods from a queer perspective. This includes a deeper look at LGBTQ+ lived experiences and how can this inform data and research, an overview of current studies and challenges, as well as valuable guidance to develop research and projects.

Fee info

EUR 300: EUR 300: tuition fees