Berlin, Germany

Performing the Streets / Re-claiming the City

when 16 September 2024 - 20 September 2024
language English
duration 1 week
credits 1 EC
fee EUR 380

"Performing the Streets..." empowers participants to create original works using urban environments as inspiration and stages. The workshop uses performance art methods and offers theoretical inputs, guided exercises, and hands-on artistic practice.

"Performing the Streets /Re-Claiming the City" equips participants with tools for artistic expression in urban settings. It empowers individuals to create original works and performances, using the city as a source of inspiration, stage, and material.

The workshop embraces a performance art approach that incorporates durational aspects, the body, and personal narratives. It teaches participants to work with the architectural layout of the city, real and fictional stories, and encourages them to explore questions like, "What stories does the space convey? What kind of art is needed in that space? What political or social context should be addressed here?" The workshop employs a combination of methods, including theoretical insights, guided exercises, and hands-on artistic practice:

Theoretical Inputs: Participants receive an overview of performance art techniques, with a particular focus on urban environments.

Exercises: Guided exercises enable participants to apply performance art strategies.The workshop emphasizes the guiding principles of the group "Gob Squad," such as risk, reality, rules, and rhythm.

Artistic Practice: Participants can start creating original performances right from the beginning. The workshop gradually expands to include indoor work, performances around the university, and concludes with a final performance at a location chosen by the group within Berlin. "Performing the Streets /Re-Claiming the City" provides a platform for artistic exploration and encourages participants to find their unique ways of engaging with public spaces. The city becomes their canvas, allowing them to (re)claim Berlin with their artistic expressions.

Course leader

Stefan Mie├čeler

Fee info

EUR 380: EUR 380