Utrecht, Netherlands

Applying Circular Economy in Product Innovation

when 22 July 2024 - 26 July 2024
language English
duration 1 week
credits 2 EC
fee EUR 599

This one-week hands-on summer course, offered jointly by Dutch and Finnish circular design experts, will challenge your assumptions and will equip you with the tools to navigate the intersection of profitability and circularity!

With a growing demand on sustainable solutions as a result of international efforts to reduce climate change, we see that product innovation too is in transition. We have to challenge preconceived notions, where circular design was viewed as inherently more expensive than conventional approaches to product innovation. Not anymore.

E.g. Finnish researchers, being at the forefront of this shift, have pioneered extensive research showcasing how circular business models can be not just sustainable but surprisingly more profitable. Join us in this hands-on course, as we explore what this new approach can do when applied to practice. Discover how businesses can thrive by adopting innovative models that prioritize sustainability without compromising the bottom line.

What can you expect?

A deep dive in theory about circular economy and apply it directly in a design process. In Finland, the government has made it their responsibility to enable circularity without loss of revenue in order to make it a more common practice. Their universities have collaborated for several years to generate knowledge to boost this. The theory we share in our course is the latest from Finland, brought to you by our Finnish partner Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS). We offer short theoretical lectures, however we will spend most of our time actually redesigning products into a more circular and economical alternative.

What will we be doing?

We believe in Learning by Doing, so learning on the job. We will apply the knowledge we share directly, and by doing so deepen our understanding as much as possible. The coaching will be done by both university lecturers specialised in Design Thinking and Circular Economy, and enriched with work field coaches from the field of product designer.

Join us for this one-week Learning by Doing summer course, driven by both Dutch and Finnish circular design experts, that challenges assumptions and equips you with the tools to navigate the intersection of profitability and circularity!

Target audience
This course is intended for everybody who wants to know more about, and experience product innovation that serves both sustainable requirements as well as financial goals of organizations (and society at large).

You could be a student (any business or management studies, industrial design, product design, mechanical engineering, arts) or a young professional (either self-employed or working for a design agency). You are eager to learn about sustainable product innovation. Maybe you even have your own product (idea) and want to (re)design this product in a more sustainable way. Or you have been part of a student project team about product innovation (or expect to be in the course of your study/life) and want to know how it is done to apply in your professional context.

A sufficient English language proficiency level is required (at least B1).

Course leader

Jens Gijbels MBI

Course aim

Learning Goals

After successful completion of this course, you:

Are able to explain the economic value of circular economy;
Are able to explore potential changes for product innovation;
Have applied effective circular economy models to an actual product;
Have given recommendations to improve a specific product and make it more circular.

Fee info

EUR 599: The course fee presented applies to all students currently enrolled in a bachelor, master or PhD programme and to 'Fresh Alumni'.

If this applies to you and you therefore believe that you are eligible for this fee, please include this in your motivation when applying for this course.

If not, the professional fee of €750 is applicable, and will be invoiced and visible for you in your account once you are accepted to the course.

Please note: if you do not provide proof that you are currently enrolled in a bachelor, master or PhD programme or a 'Fresh Alumni', we will charge the ‘professional (higher) fee!

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