United Kingdom, Oxford

Quatorial Programme

when 1 January 2013 - 31 December 2013
duration 52 weeks
credits 1 ECTS
fee GBP 758

The Quatorial programme - four participants per group - is designed not only to help develop language accuracy but also to allow the participant to overcome inhibitions and to use the language eloquently in all situations.

Learners are exposed to a number of different training situations throughout the day. These mirror the real world and enable the practice of different skills.

The different areas of Quatorial training which deliver effective results:

controlled practice in language structures and lexis development with constant support and feeback to achieve a good command of grammatical structures, idioms, and vocabulary

drills to sharpen understanding of written text through reading a wide range of materials - reports, articles and studies

coaching and practice in letter, report, email, presentation and article-writing

formal listening exercises

The Quatorial Project - working on an engaging problem-solving task. Self-awareness is enhanced through the use of video playback, reflection on interpersonal interactions and overall project outcomes.

Plenary Session - a News Review to practise formal presentation.
(What is an OISE News Review?)

Spoken Performance Workshop - fluency skills session to help the learner overcome inhibitions and communication anxieties

Individual attention - The Quatorial Programme includes one hour of Masterclass.
(What is an OISE Masterclass?)
Participants can choose to replace this with 1 or 2 hours of Tutorial lessons with a private tutor.

Course leader

Fully trained and experienced OISE professors

Target group


Course aim

To create rapid language progress through small, dynamic learning units

Fee info

GBP 758: Course fees depends on how many hours of study you choose (15, 20, 25 or 30), which school you choose to study in (Oxford, Cambridge, London) and how many weeks you study.