Amsterdam, Netherlands

Conflict Resolution in a Globalised World

when 21 July 2024 - 28 July 2024
language English
duration 1 week
credits 2 EC
fee EUR 995

This course examines contemporary issues surrounding international and interfaith conflicts in the modern world (e.g. the War in Ukraine and the Israeli–Palestinian conflict) and analyses various legal and alternative approaches to resolving them. Students will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and understanding of these complex issues and develop skills in analysis, intercultural communication, and mediation.
Today, our polyethnic world faces a plethora of "hot" international and interfaith conflicts with numerous casualties. Government bodies in many countries struggle to address such challenges and threats, while international organizations' actions to end international conflicts are often ineffective. These conflicts arise in both established democracies and emerging countries. International and interfaith confrontations are among some of the world’s most violent and prolonged conflicts. We will focus on two specific cases: the conflict in Ukraine, where the organisers and guest lecturers can share their first-hand experiences, making it particularly relevant, and the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, which is currently a very relevant issue.

Target group

The course is primarily designed for Master's students in law, international law, political science, sociology, and other related fields. It is also beneficial for PhD students conducting research. We also welcome highly motivated final-year Bachelor's.

Course aim

The overall goal of the course is to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of international and interfaith conflicts specifically focusing on two prominent examples — the War in Ukraine and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The course aims to equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to analyse, manage, and contribute to resolving such conflicts, and to teach them possible mediation and negotiation techniques.

Fee info

EUR 995: Students, PhD students and employees of VU Amsterdam, Amsterdam UMC or an Aurora Network Partner €525
Students at Partner Universities of VU Amsterdam €680
*All Dutch universities and Hogescholen are partners of VU Amsterdam.
Students and PhD candidates at non-partner universities of VU Amsterdam €785
Professionals €995

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