Kraków, Poland

Energy Transformation as a Complex Challenge to the Globe

when 1 July 2024 - 12 July 2024
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 2 EC
fee EUR 650

Energy transitions are aim to produce a profound process of departure from today's energy systems, which are overwhelmingly dependent on fossil fuels, towards a modern-renewable-energy-based paradigm of the energy systems of tomorrow. Contrary to past energy transitions (e.g. biomass to coal, coal to crude oil) which were led by efficiency and economic concerns, the paradigm shift within energy transitions today is driven by the climate and human-created climate change driven by prior energy transitions the new process makes decarbonization the key policy objective. The complex technical and political nature of this climate-focused energy transition process is amplified by the need for energy security which is also the very purpose of delivering energy transitions and, thus, these policy objectives.

Course leader

Sławomir Raszewski, PhD, King's College London (United Kingdom)

Target group

The course is intended for students of all levels.

Course aim

This module seeks to equip students with a basic understanding of energy transition as a complex policy challenge. Students enrolled in the module will gain policy-relevant knowledge enabling them to critically relate to key empirical and conceptual issues underpinning energy transition as a policy objective. The energy-climate ‘trilemma’ persists with impacts on fossil fuel economics and those who depend on these economic structures as the world urgently hoards access to energy resources – largely fossil fuels – to enable the very process of transition.

Fee info

EUR 650: The participant pays fees for:
a) participation in three selected courses with accommodation (7 days) and meals EUR 650
b) participation in three selected courses without accommodation with meals EUR 570
c) participation in three selected courses with accommodation (7 days) without meals EUR 620
d) participation in three courses without accommodation and meals EUR 450
e) each subsequent course EUR 150
f) optional trip EUR 50


No scholarships will be provided.