Maastricht, Netherlands

Data Visualisation & Storytelling: Transform The Way You Communicate With Data

when 8 July 2024 - 12 July 2024
language English
duration 1 week
credits 2 EC
fee EUR 599

IIn a rapidly evolving professional landscape, the ability to effectively harness data and communicate its insights is a game-changer skill every professional and student must have. “Data Visualisation & Storytelling: Transform the Way You Communicate with Data” is a comprehensive course designed to empower individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in today’s complex data-driven world.
This highly practical course provides the theoretical background as well as a deep dive into the fusion of data visualisation and storytelling, two critical competencies that not only facilitate information dissemination but also set you on the path to becoming a clearer communicator and an invaluable asset to any organization. Whether you are a young professional looking to advance in your current role, a seasoned professional wanting to transform your career potential, or a university student seeking to gain a competitive edge in the job market, this course is your gateway to success.
Upon completing this course, you’ll be equipped with the tools, techniques, and knowledge necessary to present data with impact, influence decision-makers, and advance your career to new heights. Join us on this transformative journey, where data becomes your ally and storytelling your superpower, as you prepare to elevate your career prospects and shape a brighter professional future.
On days 1 and 2, participants will learn and apply fundamental data visualisation concepts, gain exposure to organization-level data maturity that supports best practices and decompose real-world case studies for effective data storytelling. On days 3 and 4, participants will uncover design principles to transform their approach, learn storytelling techniques applied to data, get a hands-on overview of software options, and engage in practical exercises. Day 5 will see participants build a data visualisation solution/portfolio using modern tools (Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Google Looker Studio, or PowerPoint).

Course leader

Felipe Rego

Target group

Enrolled as an Undergraduate student or Undergraduate diploma

Course aim

• Foundations of Data Visualisation: Discover the principles of effective data visualisation, from understanding data types to selecting the right visualisation techniques.
• Storytelling for Impact: Learn the art of crafting compelling narratives from data insights that resonate with stakeholders.
• Tools and Technologies: Gain hands-on experience with leading data visualisation tools and software to bring your ideas to life.
• Real-World Applications: Explore case studies and practical exercises that bridge theory and practice, preparing you to apply your skills in professional scenarios.
• Career Advancement Strategies: Understand how mastering data visualisation and storytelling can unlock new career opportunities, enhance your professional profile, and make you an asset in any industry.
• Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded individuals, industry experts, and potential mentors, expanding your professional network and learning from those who have already harnessed these skills for career success.

Fee info

EUR 599: Tuition fee