London and Barcelona, United Kingdom

London-Barcelona: Event Design & Pop Up stores

when 30 June 2014 - 25 July 2014
duration 4 weeks
fee GBP 2115

How to design temporary experiences - from exhibitions to pop up shops. Event design that makes the most of the moment.

London is full of one off, limited edition, money can’t buy, blink and you miss it, elusive, exclusive experiences. In this fast paced world businesses are looking for new and exciting ways to engage with potential customers and In this experience driven economy it is no longer enough to open the doors and wait for people to come in.

How can we design experiences that will both attract the casual passer by, and build a loyal audience in a short amount of time? How do you take event design out of the fixed environment and into the temporary space? What are the opportunities and challenges that this presents?

Discover the techniques used by companies, brands and institutions to engage with more people in ever more inventive ways, with increasingly tight budgets. Learn about the history of the pop up shop in London and how the concept has developed. We’ll include some of the tools of the trade such as audience development, marketing, how to stay legal, and we’ll test out some of your ideas.

This course will focus on issues related to the ephemeral, changeable, changing spaces related to fashion, product launches, etc. Looking at spaces that are born with a vocation to disappear, not to stay more than a few hours or days in a particular place, and with a defined function. From the conception of a fashion show, to display design in a multi-space, through the design of stands for fairs, street actions, guerrilla stores, etc.
We will work over time, as a key factor in the design and development of ephemeral projects, trying to open up the range of possibilities and resources when designing and defining a space of these features.

Disciplines will be investigated related on shared space-temporal features as the scenery, theatre, music, art. The theoretical content (lectures) of the classes with guided tours to support proposals / spaces will be developed in the host city during the course.

Course leader

With 10 years experience in the museums and heritage industry, Susanne Buck is currently Head of Education at the British Music Experience, an interactive museum of rock and pop based inside The O2, London. Susanne has worked at various national museums a

Target group

Student of Interior and Product Design, Fashion, Graphic, Architecture, Technical Architecture, Visual Merchandisers, Retailers and industry professionals. We recommend that students have the basics skills of drawing, sketching, photography, CAD or similar and Adobe tools (Photoshop, Illustrator).

Course aim

Topics covered:
Project Management
Strategy, Planning and Project Communication
Design Fashion show
Pop Up store + Guerrilla Actions
Ephemeral & Nomadic design for Retail

Fee info

GBP 2115: tuition only price shown
accommodation, travel, insurance and living expenses are not included.