Ljubljana, Slovenia

Introduction to SPSS

when 24 July 2014 - 26 July 2014
duration 1 week

The course is intended for participants who wish to become competent in using SPSS as a tool for organising and manipulating data, performing basic statistical analyses and designing tabular and graphical presentation of results. The course will begin by familiarising with the user interface (practical example, structure of program, settings, menus, toolbars) and proceed in three broad topics: 1. organising and manipulating data (unit/variable structure, import and export of data, selecting and finding data, manipulating and computing variables); 2. basic statistical analyses (distributions and measures of central tendency, exploratory analyses, tables, comparisons); and 3. graphical presentation of results (designing various plots, adding/removing plot elements, editing plots). The course will be accompanied with relevant practical exercises on different datasets (mostly GSS, ESS and GGP). This course is best suited for students who have only little or no experience with SPSS, but have knowledge of basic statistics.

Course leader

Gregor Petric

Target group

This course is best suited for students who have only little or no experience with SPSS and have weak knowledge in the quantitative methodology of social sciences and statistics. Students should however have basic computer skills (creating folders, renaming files etc.) and be acquainted with the basics of statistics (basic concepts like variance, ratio, correlation, statistical significance). The course might be best suited for those students who at some moment in their academic career listened to the course of Statistics and/or Methodology of social sciences, but never had a chance to seriously use software packages for statistical analysis.

Fee info

EUR 0: ECPR Member
EUR 0: Non-ECPR Member