Modica - Marzamemi - Isfahan (Iran), Italy

Management of Artistic and Cultural Events

when 14 July 2014 - 27 July 2014
duration 2 weeks
credits 6 EC
fee EUR 200

The aim of this Summer School is to provide the tools to design, plan, prepare and organize art events and exhibitions and workshops in order to train professionals capable of designing and planning an exhibition and also to coordinate the team responsible for this achievement. To achieve this end, the Summer School focuses primarily on the design in which participants have the opportunity to confront the reality of the industry and with the delicate dynamics of teamwork in order to develop a real exhibition.

The course also provides an overview of the processes and techniques for the organization of cultural events. The course covers the theoretical aspects of design, planning , implementation and control of events with regard to project management techniques and will address the empirical study of several cases providing the necessary insights for understanding organizational processes of cultural events.

Course leader

Association NED in cooperation with University of Messina

Target group

Post graduate; cultural operators

Course aim

n the field of management and promotion of cultural heritage planning , organization and promotion of cultural and artistic events turns out to be a sector in constant development and plays a key role in the relationship between cultural institutions and users of cultural heritage. In order to create and offer products that are more engaging and innovative, it is need to acquire skills in terms of marketing, communication, management increasingly cutting-edge as well as a thorough knowledge of art history , museology and museum as well as on the techniques needed to take advantage of economic funds and sponsorships.

In Italy, this interdisciplinarity is not yet present, and this is reflected in the exhibition choices do not always live up to expectations . There is therefore the need of professionalism “complex” , able to combine the knowledge of arts and humanities , the more managerial skills which enable a more targeted enhancement of cultural heritage, nationally and especially internationally.

Fee info

EUR 200: UNICREDIT – Agenzia D’Acquisto di Monreale

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IT 20 C 02008 43450 000300799001