Netherlands, Utrecht (NL)


when 24 August 2015 - 28 August 2015
duration 1 week
fee EUR 350

This course will explore the notion of 'first-person' in language, psychology, and neuroscience. We will try- to understand what we mean when we say 1, me, mine, what is the mental object, if there is one, that corresponds to our intuitive notion of self, and what are the neurological underpinnings of our capacities of self-awareness and self-reference. The course does not presuppose previous knowledge of the subject or background knowledge of linguistics, psychology, or neurocognitive science.

Course leader

Dr. Maaike Schoorlemmer

Target group

Students of language or linguistics wishing to acquaint themselves with the basic principles of psycholinguistics.

Course aim

To allow students to acquaint themselves with the basic principles of psycholinguistics.

Credits info

Certificate of attendance

Fee info

EUR 350: Course + course materials + housing

All Linguistic courses can be combined. If you apply for more than one course, you receive € 50 combination discount per extra course.
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EUR 150: Course + course materials


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