Italy, San Gemini

Traditional Painting: Materials, Methods and Restoration Issues

when 11 July 2016 - 5 August 2016
language English
duration 4 weeks
fee USD 3900

The program includes three courses. One class gives an overview at a theoretical level of the materials and techniques used in traditional Italian painting during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, including how and why these materials weather and age over time and what are the different approaches to their conservation and restoration. The second course is a painting workshop where students realize a series of paintings using traditional materials and methods as prescribed by Cennino Cennini in the Craftsman’s Handbook, written in the 15th century. The third course deals with theory and ethics of restoration: Restoration is not simply a technical repair operation, but a complex process through which society preserves its cultural heritage. It is fundamental that people entering the field of restoration should start thinking about the social goal and ethics that are associated with this process.

Course leader

The workshop involves making art, but it is not an art class; the aim of this program is to familiarize students with the materials and methods used traditionally by painters in Italy.

Target group

The knowledge acquired in this program is aimed primarily at people involved with the conservation arts, although it would also be useful for students of: art history, painting, anthropology and museum studies.

Course aim

This program aims to provide important background knowledge and skills in the field of painting restoration, both in a theoretical and practical manner.

Fee info

USD 3900: Tuition