Almere, Netherlands

Mobile Commerce

when 1 August 2011 - 12 August 2011
duration 2 weeks
credits 6 EC
fee EUR 1300

In the new era of digital economy, business models have evolved and companies have an urgent need to be more and more competitive, which involves the adoption of new strategies based on electronic business.

This program responds to the business market needs to train IT specialists, which are responsible for the leadership in technologic Project Management that gives an added valued to a business.


Provide the student with a wide experience in basic technologies used in electronic business.
Provide the student with a business strategic vision and a clear orientation to leadership in technological projects.
Increase innovation to launch technological projects, or to expand them on a small o big scale.
Provide the student with e-business tools and strategies in order to make a difference and create a competitive advantage to companies.
Increase innovation in business processes and empower the transition of traditional business towards e-business.

In this program students will be playing the role of a consultant in the eBusiness Task Force at e-Postremo Consulting, a technology consulting company. Working in teams, they will develop solutions for clients, under the guidance of a mentor.

Before starting students will receive information on the company they will be working for, as well as their specific responsibilities. This information is sent via email by a fictitious boss, together with attachments and links to other resources. With the help of a mentor, the roles each student will play will be established, as well as the schedule and delivery dates of the results of the work. Support materials will be available and mentors will answer any doubt of the students to guide them.

In this particular project, students will design and develop a mobile trip assistant solution for a public transportation authority. They will learn to evaluate different design options associated with the development, deployment, and maintenance of mobile services and design mobile solutions that address the unique usability challenges associated with the use of mobile devices, such as cell phones, and strike a compromise between the functionality they offer and their ability to run across a broad range of mobile access devices. Students should also consider what new revenue opportunities this presents for the transit authority and make recommendations on how to monetize this new application.

This learning methodology does not use exams as an assessment method. In the real world, and in a real job, there are no exams. You simply deliver your results and presentations. For this course you will have to produce deliverables (written essays and results) to your mentor, and show the progress of your work with oral presentations. There are no exams, but a continuous assessment of the work.

Course leader

Marc Llebaria Roig

Target group

Bachelor and Master students with a strong interest in Computer Science and online Marketing.

Course aim

For this course, there is a real and practical story based on a specific E-Business field: Online Marketing.

This course has been designed by consultants and solicitors with a high degree of experience in the industry, by pedagogical experts and by La Salle Team. There are no traditional courses here. Concerning learning and training this is the realest you can find!

Credits info

6 EC
6 ECTS and Certificate of Attendance

Fee info

EUR 1300: € 1.300 - Course + Course Materials + Housing


Summer School Almere doesn't offer scholarships for this course.