Norway, Oslo

Norwegian History

when 28 June 2010 - 6 August 2010
duration 6 weeks
credits 9.9 EC
fee USD 3885

Instructional format: The classroom sessions include lectures, student presentations and discussions, and are supplemented by visits to museums, e.g. the Historical Museum and the Resistance Museum.

Content: The course provides a comprehensive survey of Norwegian history. It begins with the first migrations to Norway, social and political changes during the Viking period, the emergence of the medieval kingdom and the decline of Norwegian independence, the Lutheran Reformation, the Danish-Norwegian state, and the formation of a folk culture. The course also covers the Constitution of 1814, the development of democratic institutions, emigration, the rise of nationalism, the creation of a modern economy, the emergence of the independent state, World War II, the creation of a welfare state, and Norway’s relationship to the outside world.

Course leader


Target group

Students from all fields of studies.

Course aim

The objective of the course is to provide students with an overview of Norwegian history and some mastery of historical theories and methods connected with various topics. The course will be of particular interest to students taking other courses in cultural studies or political science.

Credits info

9.9 EC
Form of evaluation: Written midterm classroom examination and quizzes and written final classroom examination. Grading based on ECTS grading system A-B-C-D-E-F.

Fee info

USD 3885: On campus fee, room & board included