Groningen, Netherlands

Transplantation Medicine

when 8 June 2024 - 11 June 2024
language English
duration 1 week
fee EUR 400

Welcome to the 2024 Transplantation Medicine Summer School (SSTX), where this year our program’s central theme is Sustainability in Transplantation Medicine. If you're a student in the (bio)medical field who is eager to delve into the intricacies of transplantation medicine, especially within the largest transplantation center in the Netherlands, join us for an immersive and informative Summer School.

SSTX 2024 offers a comprehensive program that combines informative lectures, engaging surgical workshops, thought-provoking assignments to sharpen your scientific thinking, and a vibrant social program.

Experts from all around the world will come to give lectures on the current advances and research within the field of transplantation. This provides you with a unique opportunity to connect with clinical and research specialists, broadening your network beyond your institution’s borders.

For those seeking clinical insights, engage in conversations with donors and recipients of transplants. Gain a deeper understanding of the profound impact transplantation has on patients' lives, as well as the significance of sustainable practices on the entire transplantation process and for the individuals involved.

At this summer school you will get to learn more about the technical aspects of solid organ transplantation and transplant immunology. Participants will get to carry out a live heart, lung, and kidney machine perfusion, offering hands-on experience.

But it's not just about stimulating your intellect – alongside our educational program, you will get to embrace the Dutch style of cycling through the streets of Groningen Province and partake in many fun extracurricular social activities such as canoeing and more!

At SSTX 2024, we don't just explore the future of transplantation medicine; we empower you to shape it. Join us for an unforgettable experience that seamlessly combines education, innovation, and a dedication to a sustainable transplant future.

Course leader

Dr. C. Moers - Faculty of Medical Sciences

Prof. Dr. H.G.D. Leuvenink - Faculty of Medical Sciences

Target group

The Summer School is open to advanced undergraduate students and master students in any medical field of study including Medicine, Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences.

● The Summer School is open to advanced undergraduate students and master students in any medical field of study including Medicine, Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences.

● The Transplantation Summer School is open to Undergraduate and Postgraduate students of any Biomedical Science with a special interest in transplantation medicine.

● As Transplantation Medicine doesn’t involve just doctors, we aim to invite those of multiple disciplines, that may even be outside of the medical field. In that way, the challenges of transplantation medicine can be shared in the future. PhD students with transplant medicine-related work are also encouraged to participate.

● Selected medical students interested in transplantation medicine/transplantation research from preferred partners of the Graduate School of Medical Sciences of the University of Groningen.

● Also students whose abstract on transplantation medicine has been selected for a presentation at the ISCOMS (International Student Congress of Medical Sciences) are cordially invited to participate.

Please contact the Summer School Transplantation Medicine for further information.

Course aim

Goals of the Medical Sciences Summer School Transplantation Medicine
1. To introduce medically educated students to the various aspects of solid organ transplantation with focus on the limitations/complications we are facing today.
2. Collaboratively find ways to understand/tackle these problems through clinical and scientific research.

Credits info

Upon successful completion of the programme, the Summer School offers a Certificate of Attendance that mentions the workload (28 hours corresponds to 1 ECTS). Students can apply for recognition of these credits to the relevant authorities in their home institutions, therefore the final decision on awarding credits is at the discretion of their home institutions. We will be happy to provide any necessary information that might be requested in addition to the certificate of attendance.

Fee info

EUR 400: The fee includes accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, workshops, excursions and insurance.

Transportation from one’s residence to Groningen is not included

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