Groningen, Netherlands

Cognitive Modeling

when 27 March 2023 - 31 March 2023
language English
duration 1 week
fee EUR 305

The Spring School will cover four different modeling paradigms: ACT-R, Nengo, PRIMs, and discriminative learning. It thereby offers a unique opportunity to learn the relative strengths and weaknesses of these approaches.

Moreover, we are offering a lecture series on dynamical systems, which should be interesting for anyone looking into modeling cognitive dynamics at some or other level of abstraction. We recommend this lecture series as an excellent combination with Nengo, for those interested in neuromorphic computing.

On the first day, students of the spring school are encouraged to attend the introductory lectures on all the different topics. This will give you some insight into the different approaches and help you to chose your topics for the remaining days (unless of course, you have already chosen). Additionally, at the end of the first day, all spring school students are asked to present their own research (or research interest) in a poster session.

Days 2-5 will consist of a combination of theory lectures and tutorials with hands-on assignments. Students are asked to sign up for one topic, for which they will attend both the lectures as well as the tutorials. In addition, students can sign up for a second topic, for which they will attend the lectures only. At the end of most days, there will be a plenary research talk, to show how the different approaches to modeling are applied in actual research.

Course leader

Katja Mehlhorn
Thomas Tiotto

Target group

Students of artificial intelligence and cognitive engineering.

Course aim

The summer school offers a unique opportunity to learn the relative strengths and weaknesses of the approaches (ACT-R, Nengo, PRIMs and discriminative learning).

Fee info

EUR 305: The registration fee is € 305 (late fee after 27 February will be € 355).