Kriva Palanka, Macedonia / online School, Macedonia

Culture, Economy and Society in Socialism and Cultural Heritage

when 18 September 2020 - 26 September 2020
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 2.5 EC
fee EUR 270

The focus of this course will be:
- the nature of economic systems;
- planned socialism and market socialism;
- the worldwide performance of different systems and the collapse of the command economies;
- the process of transition and the performance of transition during the 1990s (the first decade);
- Production of Cultural Heritage

Course leader

d-r Evelyn Reuter (Germany)
Prof.d-r Davorin Trpeski (Macedonia)
Prof. d-r Ines Crvenkovska - Risteska (Macedonia)
Prof. d-r Petko Petkov (Bulgaria)

Target group

Students at the Spring School Socialism as Cultural Heritage. Society, Culture, Memories

Course aim

The purpose of the course is to foster analytical understanding central planning in totalitarian and socialistic societies and cultural production policies. In this course students will learn how to assess the relative efficacy of a centralized, non-market socialist or communist economic system. Students will understand the key pillars a socialist/communist system. They will be able to explain the mechanisms of resource allocation and income distribution in a socialist/communist system. Students will also be able to articulate the various
factors that contributed to the breakdown of socialist/communist system in such
countries as Russia, Eastern European and other former Soviet Union (FSU)

Fee info

EUR 270: For accommodation, food and course fee
EUR 0: Accommodation, Food and Schooling fee


5 Full scholarships are going to be awarded to the students from Balkan countries: Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro
5 50% Scholarships are going to be awarded to the applicants from Southeast European countries