San Gemini, Italy

Paper Restoration in Books and Archival Documents

when 10 July 2017 - 4 August 2017
language English
duration 4 weeks
credits 6 EC
fee USD 3900

This program is an overview of the field of paper restoration and conservation in books and archival documents. The program involves both lectures in the classroom and practical workshops that impart theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field. The program is made up of two courses: one a lecture course offering an overview of the history of paper and of bookmaking technology, and the various processes used in the restoration of books and paper; and a workshop where students work on printed paper and original manuscript material from local historic archives (16th to 19th centuries), and learn the following skills: dry cleaning paper, washing and cleaning with solvents, mending tears in paper, infilling loses, lining weak paper structures, deacidification, flattening and proper long-term conservation of archival materials. The workshop also includes work on the digitization of the San Gemini Historic Archives.

Course leader

Prof. Konstantinos Choulis

Contact information:
(718) 768-3508

Target group

Students of the following subjects would find this program useful: book and paper conservation and restoration, art restoration, library science, library management, archival sciences, management of rare book collections, bookbinding, anthropology and history of technology.

Course aim

This program aims to introduce students to the field of paper restoration and conservation in books and archival documents.

Credits info

6 EC
SGPS was originally part of the university program at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee for many years and became an independent study program in 2010.
In the past five years, many of our students have successfully arranged to get independent study credit through their universities. We can furnish your professor and university with any information they require about our course in order to approve it as an independent course, or any other form of accreditation that you are considering. The number of units listed on our website, e.g. 6 units for Programs A, B, D and E, and 1 unit for the Intersession Field Trip, is the equivalent credit level at which students were credited when SGPS was part of a university and what we recommend for independent study credit in 2016.
We can also provide certification that you participated in the course and completed all the class work and field experience. This would be a good addition to your resume if applying for further education or a job in restoration.

Fee info

USD 3900: Fee includes academic costs for the equivalent of 2 units, accommodations, application fee, transportation during academic field trips within Italy that are part of that course, materials and tools, buffet reception, welcome packet, and final dinner. Fee excludes travel to San Gemini, food and insurance.


Applicants should look for financial aid with their home university.