Angers, France

Plant Health and Quality

when 24 June 2023 - 5 July 2023
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 5 EC
fee EUR 1000

The program relies on interactive classes, conferences including international speakers and hands-on activities.

Plant Health:

Plant pathology : new technologies for pathogen detection
Phenotyping applied to plant health monitoring
Insect Chemical ecology for pest control
Plant resistance inducers (elicitors) in crop protection
Parasitic plants
Seed microbiota and seed-borne pathogens

Plant Quality:

Fruit post harvest quality, sensory analyses of plant products
Architecture characterization of ornamental plant
Plant physiology

Studying in Angers and preparing a PhD thesis in France:

Presentation of the Plant Science campus
Short presentations of students' personal research projects
Being a PhD student in Angers, France:
General information about PhD fellowships
Friendly evening with local doctoral and post-doctoral students (Greenyd association)

Hands-on activities:

Droplet digital PCR applied to plant health and quality
Bioinformatic with Galaxy
Analytical and sensory methods to assess fruit quality
Aphid olfactory choice experiments
Electrophysiological recordings of insect antennae
Nutritional choice in a parasitoid
qPCR - a methodology to quantify defense gene expression in plant
Characterization of parasitic plant- host plant relationship
Plant photosynthetic activity
Architectural analysis of plant by 3D digitization
Phenotyping -Image analysis and study of germination
Phenotyping - Quantification of disease severity using image analysis
Low-cost imaging for plant health monitoring

Scientific visits:

LSV-ANSES (Plant Health Laboratory)
PHENOTIC (instrumentation for high throughput plant phenotyping)
Roses Loubert (national collection, old rose garden)

Course leader

Lydie Huché-Thélier
Laure Perchepied

Target group

Master students and possibly Bachelor students in the fields of Agriculture, Plant science and Biological science.

Course aim

This program will give you an insight into new developments in plant health and quality research. You will be exposed to multidisciplinary approaches in the field of sustainable management of plant health and quality.

This program will increase your scientific background and may help you to prepare a PhD project.

Credits info

5 EC
certificate of attendance

Fee info

EUR 1000: Student: €900.00 tuition fees + €100.00 application fees.

Application fees are waived for students from partner universities.
EUR 1200: Professional: €1,100.00 tuition fees + €100.00 application fees.

Fees include welcoming and teaching materials, accommodation, coffee breaks and weekday lunches, social activities, bike rental and transport pass, all costs (transport, meals, entrance tickets) related to the scientific visits.