Athens, Greece, Greece

CSI College

when 27 June 2016 - 8 July 2016
language English
duration 2 weeks
fee EUR 990

**Ages 13 - 17**
Be a forensic scientist for a week, and solve a crime! Inspect the scene, collect evidence, detect fingerprints, study clothing fibers, perform chemical analysis, extract and analyze DNA, evaluate your results and discover who is guilty. For students in grade 8 and above.

Course leader

HAEF IC Summer School

Target group

Ages 13 - 17

Course aim

Students will learn how to tackle scientific questions like real researchers, get the facts, conduct experiments, collect and evaluate data. By the end of this workshop students will be able to analyze fingerprints and clothing fibers, do simple chemical reactions, separate compounds by chromatography, distinguish between different blood types, perform DNA extraction and electrophoresis.

Fee info

EUR 990: Fee is for the entire 2-week program