Leipzig, Germany

CAS in ENT surgery

when 12 September 2016 - 12 September 2016
language English

This module is dedicated to computer assisted ear-nose-throat-, neuro and maxillofacial surgery. After state-of-the-art presentations by medical experts, participants will be able to try out what they have learned in small groups during hands-on sessions. Various rapid prototyping models of anatomical structures will be available, allowing participants to practice surgical procedures on software and hardware simulators using real instruments and techniques. This will enable the understanding of clinical settings and its limitations in clinical practice. The planned visit to an integrated OR is part of the presentation to illustrate the current state of the art and demonstrate the different technologies and medical systems in practical use.

Target group

MD-, M.Sc. and Ph.D. students
postdoctoral fellows
young and senior researchers in science or industry
industrial professionals

Fee info

EUR 0: See total cost.