Svaty Jan pod Skalou (near Prague), Czech Republic

Critical Political Philosophy & Economy

when 7 August 2016 - 14 August 2016
language English
duration 1 week
fee EUR 230

The course will be introduction & overview of critical social theory (from German & French philosophy, Frankfurt school, psychoanalysis & structuralism to existentialism, Marxism and post-colonial and gender studies). We will use developed concepts and perspectives to analyse current global issues and propose possible policy solutions for the future.

We will use interactive lectures, discussions, analysing video materials and moderated reading of classical philosophical during the course. Additionally, participants will get reading package with proposals for additional readings.

Introduction to Critical Theory – epistemology, ontology and implications for social action.
Political Philosophy and Modern Political Discourses – social contract, social justice, freedom of the individual and how to think politics today.
The Pervert’s Guide to the Modern Ideology – what is ideology and what role does it play in modern societies, analysis of “Hollywood” & consumeristic culture, historical overview of main social trends which created modernity
Crisis of Capitalism – Capitalism as Crisis – economic crisis, global economic system and Marxist responses
Canter/Periphery or 1/99 percent – economic inequality of modern world and theories of social power
Revolution & Love – how to think revolution today or why desire is the only transformative and subversive force

*The course is summarised and adapted version of university “Theory of Ideology & Modern political Discourses” course and “Preparations for High Schools Philosophical Olympiad” course which were both held in 2014/2015.

Course leader

Miha Andrić

Target group

High school students

Course aim

Understand current global issues and propose possible policy solutions for the future.

Fee info

EUR 230: "I want to pay the full cost of the Discover experience. It includes the costs during the academy (accommodation, food, materials), travel costs for tutors, marketing, administration and preparatory meetings. Without these expenses, we wouldn't be able to offer a diverse range of high quality courses."
EUR 170: "I prefer to pay only the costs during the academy: accommodation, food and materials."


We understand that people in different countries, and different people within each country, have very different ability to pay the participation fee. We, therefore, expect to offer partial scholarships to up to 80% of participants.